Increase your sales with easy-to-use multilingual chat

Our new conversational chat enables hassle-free communication in different languages, by replying always in the mother language. 

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Make conversations flowing in any language

Automated detection of the language of the visitor enables you to perform the conversation accordingly.

Our multilingual chat is suitable for any e-commerce platform and the set-up takes just 1 minute.

Communicate without language barriers

One agent can seamlessly answer all the customers in their native language. Translation is applied in real-time and in both directions.

TranslateWise chat is powered by the leading translation technologies, that enable immediate translation right when you need it.

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Team up for success in customer support 

From the first visit to the purchase, multilingual conversations are easy to manage for customer support specialists.

Don't waste time on things that should be automated!

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Join the leading e-stores providing  multilingual support

About Us

We create innovative solutions to improve multilingual communication.

We use the leading technologies to make manual and cumbersome translation processes more convenient for people.

TranslateWise team is based in Estonia.


Startup School Alumni


World's Largest Startup Competition quarter-finalist

Estonia's Largest Startup Competition finalist

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