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How TranslateWise works?

Add your content

Upload, paste or type your content to TranslateWise.


Apply leading machine translation technologies.

Edit in real-time

Use a parallel editor with multiple styling options. 

Share with anyone

Invite people to proofread and edit translations. 


Perfect translation in seconds

Real-time translation and proofreading

Our easy-to-use editor enables applying a few small changes and suddenly your translations turn reliable in any of the 140 languages we support. 

Whole team connected

After your content is translated into one or several languages, invite your team or freelancers to proofread. Give translations the right style and tone.

All translations in one place

Managing separate files for each language isn’t efficient. Organize your content in a better way, with less emails and no duplicated work.

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3000+ users save 50%

of their work-time

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"TranslateWise helps us to translate faster and better, thanks to providing the best machine translation and parallel editor.”

Berkay Ergintan


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Free for personal use

In all plans, you can translate into 140 languages, edit, share, and store your content easily in TranslateWise online platform. 



Instant translation   

3 600 words monthly

Parallel editor 

Content storing 


Personal Pro

€ 9.98 /Month

Instant translation  

100 000 words monthly

Parallel editor 

Content storing


All as in Personal Pro

Workspaces and

features for teams


Starting from

€ 29.99 /Month

Instant translation


Versioning history

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You have much greater potential.

Accelerate your growth with our solution.


Get valuable tips

for better translation

Inspiring new features and best practices


We build the best translation technology

in the world

Our team is on a mission to remove a common language barrier by letting people turn their

news, articles, marketing, legal and other types of long-form texts easily multilingual.

So that everyone could publish reliable content in different languages with confidence.

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