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Online customer support made easier

Everyone likes fast and professional customer support. However, providing one has been quite a good challenge for businesses. Estonian startupTranslateWise built the most user-friendly customer chat to simplify customer support and remove language barriers.

Only when needed, the solution translates conversation in real-time conversation, making multilingual customer support available to smaller e-shops as well. Unline via phone, technology enables smooth multilingual customer support through a customer chat. You can't have multiple phone calls at once, but three real-time conversations in different languages is a snap.

TranslateWise already helped to service more than 10,000 customers in almost 100 different e-shops, such as ONOFF, Büroomaailm, Medifum, Kehapood, Green4ever, Aatrium and others.


"We're trying to make customer support a little easier by offering a well-designed customer chat any website can add in 2 minutes," said Sandra Roosna, co-founder of TranslateWise.

Even if the website is in only one or two languages, the chat is localized into the visitor's language and has automated real-time translation only when it's needed. 

What is customer live chat?


This is currently the hottest trend in online customer service and the most preferred customer support channel for online shoppers. It is not a chat robot or bot. It's communication that takes place in real-time between the customer and the service provider.

Nowadays, the customer no longer wants to wait long for an answer to the e-mail. For the e-shop is also not useful if the customer leaves the shop, and heads to Gmail or Facebook, where the attention may be distracted.

Faster questions can be resolved by phone, but the customer service representative must be ready to answer within 5-10 seconds. Cons are possible language barriers and absence of possibility to send pictures, links, and information about campaigns by phone, ie to make a cross-sale.

Live chat is a convenient alternative to email and phone, giving the customer service more flexibility and better answers, as the average response time is 3-5 minutes. In addition, it can increase sales more successfully, making customer support work more enjoyable.

Which chat solution is the best for your website?

According to the market research conducted this year, the most common chat solutions in Estonian e-stores are Zendesk, Messenger, TranslateWise,, Live chat, Intercom and Tidio.

Among them, TranslateWise is the only solution that contributes to the Estonian economy. There are also free solutions on the market, such as Facebook Messenger, which are priced indirectly, as the US corporation must be given the right to use both business' and its customers' data.


"Our head office is located in Estonia and the main focus is to help SME businesses succeed. We try to offer excellent customer service and develop an affordable solution in tight cooperation with our customers," explained Roosna.

Translatewise chat_multilingual widget

Customers like the new solution

"Without TranslateWise chat, we'd definitely sell fewer laptops. It is convenient to use and has user-friendly interface. We like that the Transletwise team is always helpful when needed," said Virgo Rikk, head of

The joy is even greater among shoppers who never have to think again:

"Ahh, that annoying bot..."

"Ahh, this chat pops out again!"

"I just want to ask, I don't want to share my information!"

Cherry on top

The new chat is affordable even if you're a small e-store. TranslateWise chat has a free 30 day trial with no obligation. If you like the solution, the monthly fee is only 19 euros/month per user and can be set up for each website in just 2 minutes.


TranslateWise includes:

  • multilingual chat

  • email form

  • call shortcuts

  • FAQ-s

These tabs and shortcuts help keep the visitor on the product page and get help to make a purchase decision faster.

"We want to see our solution in e-shops that really care about their customers," added Roosna.

"We believe that good customer support is important and with multilingual chat can only win. Even if the website is only available in one or two languages, the translation function gives every agent that confidence that he can help every customer."

Provide excellent support,
get more clients.

Accelerate your business growth with TranslateWise chat

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