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TranslateWise makes the latest iPhone campaign truly multilingual

Apple's premium reseller iDeal introduced a better way to purchase the latest iPhone models. TranslateWise was used to make the program and terms sound magnificent in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian languages.

Imagine you can pay less for a new iPhone! Smart Deal is designed for modern people who want to use the latest gadgets in environmentally friendly way, without paying a full price.

The secret sauce is the smooth replacement of your iPhone after 24 months. This allows you to significantly reduce the cost and join the environmentally friendly consumption trend.

In the USA, 50% of the customers prefer iPhone Upgrade Program to a traditional purchase. This trend grows in Europe to minimize the impact on the environment and make consumption patterns more sustainable.

If you wish to learn more about this novel offering, please proceed to the page according to your country:

Besides the lower purchase price the second best feature of Smart Deal is that after 24 months the iDeal will send your newly selected iPhone to your home. You can send your old iPhone after you get a new one and transfer all relevant data. Such user-friendly attitude makes it the best option to purchase your next smartphone.

Using top-notch technology to translate better

By combining the highly accurate translation technology and fast collaboration with all people involved in the project, TranslateWise makes translation flow quick and seamless.

Phases of the project:

  • Adding the initial content to TranslateWise

  • Choosing target languages

  • Applying translation technology

  • Sharing with proofreaders and parties involved

  • Simultaneous post-editing in a clear parallel view

We see improved translation technology and efficient co-working as game-changers among multilingual teams who want to realize their full potential. Read more about our approach to translation and collaboration when working on multilingual product terms.

"Companies can build stronger relationships by speaking the language of their customers."

About TranslateWise

Our unique technology enables translating content into 140 languages, efficient post-editing, sharing and storing features.

Simultaneous collaboration enables all parties to save 50-70% of the time when translating and proofreading content.

Translating product descriptions and terms, emails, news, blogs, and legal contracts has never been easier.

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