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Smooth translation experience to rapidly innovate and grow [TranslateWise]

When we started building TranslateWise two years ago, we knew that there should be a better way to translate content and manage it in a more elegant way.

TranslateWise founding team

With an innovative approach and open mindset, we remove a common language barrier by letting people turn their marketing, legal, PR, and other types of long-form texts easily multilingual.

It’s a fast track from machine translation to reliable content that users can publish with confidence.

Key challenges in translation

The multilingual internet is a place of endless possibilities. However, there are two fundamental challenges:

1. Instant translation technologies can contain errors 2. Using human translators is costly and work-intensive

Dozens of multilingual plugins, localisation, and translation tools were designed for either professional translators or developers, and these solutions tackle only a piece of an ever-growing problem. Moreover, multilingual content creation still happens mostly in Google Drive, MS Word, and notes.

How it used to be: Google Translate / Bing / DeepL used for instant translation

Dropbox Paper / Google Docs / Notes for post-editing and collaboration

How it should be: Translating, simultaneous editing, and collaboration in a simple and transparent workflow

“I desperately wanted to have a tool where our team could create content, apply best translation technologies, proofread and edit it on-the-go, without hundreds of messages on Slack,” said Sandra Roosna, the founder of TranslateWise.

Unlike Google Docs, TranslateWise is built for translation purposes, providing a clear parallel editor and storage for translation collections. Any time there is a need to add more languages, it’s just one click away.

We all are content creators

Imagine writing your content and having it well translated into 10 languages the same day? It used to be unimaginable.

Reading, writing, and translating the content seamlessly in various languages via TranslateWise core web platform became an easier task thanks to the parallel editing, collaboration features and leading translation technologies.

From simple cases like press-releases, real-estate listings, blog posts, to more complicated product documentation and legal terms, TranslateWise is thrilled to give the improved technology for people to master the localization puzzle, “ Roosna explained the range of use-cases.

Translatewise allows teams of any size to contribute to the translation process and store all the content in different languages in a convenient way. Global growth became the epicenter of innovation for companies across a range of industries.

Setting up well translated website, terms of use and campaigns is a complex and time-consuming challenge. We tried to speed up the workflow by uniting simultaneous editing, collaboration and translation management all-in-one platform.

“Communication with people involved in the translation process as well as managing various files and folders for each language drastically increase the effort. We found the solution to make collaboration within translation workflow much faster,” said Nazari Goudin, the Head of Product.

With the passion for helping people to translate and share their messages, stories, news, and documents in different languages, the TranslateWise team launched a truly seamless and reliable translation experience.

TranslateWise is founded by ex-Soracom marketing and expansion lead Sandra Roosna and Naz Goudin, who was hired by the Y Combinator-backed company Upgraded to lead the operations in Europe.

If you feel this new translation technology might be valuable to you, go ahead and start free trial:

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