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Tips for excellent customer support


Configure pop-ups in a user-friendly way

Let's not bombard website visitors with pop-ups, instead use them wisely to increase customer retention and make your guests feel great at your e-store. 

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Online customer support became easier

Providing excellent customer support can help your team members to enjoy their work and be more friendly with their customers. It's not an egg and chicken question any longer...


5 low-cost ways to increase e-store sales

What can be done for your e-commerce business success if the budget is limited? Find out some simple ideas that can be implemented already today.

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What is live chat and how to get benefit from it?

How to provide support via live chat on your website and make your e-commerce business benefit from better customer support

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Pros and cons of Live Chat support on your website

Live chat is the hottest trend in online customer service. Let's see why this is the case and whether there are any downsides.

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10 ways to grow your online business

Although e-business is currently growing, it is by no means easy to start one or expand existing. What are the right strategies to increase online sales...

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Invite customers to online chat: simple tips and examples

6 smart ideas to make visitors feel more confident to use your online chat and get help faster than via email.

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12 practical ways to improve your online customer service

How to provide faster and more efficient customer support directly in your e-shop or website and grow your e-commerce business...

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Looking for a user-friendly chat that your customers and team will love?

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