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Translate and manage legal content in different languages

Multilingual contracts, policies and terms can be complicated to translate and keep always up-to-date in many languages.

In this tutorial we show how lawyers and associates use TranslateWise to translate legal content and update anytime.

TranslateWise technology paves the way for better translation. It's an easy-to-use platform for content creators to apply the world’s leading machine translation technology, edit in a clear parallel view and collaborate with the team.

STEP 1. Sign up to TranslateWise and add your content

The experience working in TranslateWise is similar to Google Translate, with higher professionalism and confidentiality level.

Sign up is necessary to keep your content available only for you at any time.

Start typing or paste your text-type content.

As TranslateWise provides a rich parallel editor, your source content will always be on the left side. Translations always on the right.

STEP 2. Choose the language(s)

TranslateWise supports 140+ languages with translation, editing and styling options.

Check that the autodetected language on the left is correct.

Choose the language or click "More languages" on the right side.

You can add an unlimited amount of languages and all translations always appear on the right.

TranslateWise uses the world's leading machine translation technologies, you’ll be surprised by the translation quality you can achieve.

STEP 3. Now the translations are added, you can start proofreading and editing

You'll always be able to use an editor on both sides. The parallel editor enables you to dynamically work with your multilingual content in the most efficient way. As TranslateWise has a convenient freemium plan for everyone, you’ll always see how many characters you have left to translate at zero cost.

It's made very easy to update already translated documents in TranslateWise. Just perform the source text changes on the left, and click the "Translate" button in the editor's center.

If you have more than two languages, repeat it for every translation you have by choosing the language and choosing "Translate".

STEP 4. Share with your team or invite people to collaborate

You can share the access with "view" or "edit" rights to any freelance translator, team member, or third party.

This feature allows you to collaborate on translations, avoid emails with attachments, and get translations done faster. The person invited can edit the translations on the right side.

You can share access in two ways:

Option nr 1 is direct via editor. Click the button "Share"

This gives a person access to one translation at a time.

Option nr 2 is via Settings >" Invite more members."

This way, you invite people to access all translations within the Workspace (no need to share every translation manually).

STEP 5. Your translations are ready

When you or the people involved have reviewed and post-edited the translation, you're ready to publish them.

Simply copy the content and paste it wherever you want, like website, email platforms,

TranslateWise is a great alternative to Google Translate + Google Drive for translation and collaboration purposes.

You’ll have all your translations and updates saved automatically.

By clicking the “Home” button you can see your translations, easily navigate, open and app more languages or delete the folders.

Legal and product content creators use TranslateWise in 20+ different countries.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, TranslateWise graduated from Y Combinator Startup School and reached the finals at Estonia’s largest startup competition BrainHunt.

Thank you for reading this.

Many people and teams still create content and translate it manually, each file separately or use Google Translate. You can help them become more efficient by sharing this tutorial!

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